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UMAY Bluetooth Motorized Treadmill Review

Finding affordable at-home workout equipment is a task that dedicated athletes and gym goers are constantly facing. Having equipment and exercise machines in your home is a great way to create more consistent health habits that can boost your progress toward your fitness goals. The UMAY Bluetooth Motorized Treadmill is a smart investment for anyone who would like the ability to perform cardio and fat burning exercises in the comfort of their home.

This treadmill offers many valuable features that most other treadmills in the same price range do not. One of the most notable feature is the access to 12 pre-installed workouts that are included with the purchase, and Bluetooth connectivity with an app that will track your workout stats like speed, distance, times, calories burned and more. Being able to see these statistics is a crucial feature that will allow you to keep track of your progress and make sure you are on the right path toward your health goals.


Efficient and Stable Construction

The UMAY Bluetooth Motorized Treadmill is designed with slightly smaller dimensions than many other treadmills but is still effective in allowing the user to get a good workout and to consistently improve physical health and well-being.

This treadmill is not designed for high intensity cardio workouts. The motor capacity and the running surface do not support that kind of activity; however, it is great for performing light running exercises, walking, or jogging.

The running surface dimensions are 48.5’’ long by 16.5’’ wide. It has a 7-level patented anti-shock cushion system that will ensure a high level of comfort when running, reducing stress and discomfort in your ankles knees, and back. The running experience is much more comfortable than running outside on the hard asphalt or concrete road.

Able to withstand up to 220 lbs./100 kg, the frame of this treadmill is made of solid steel tubing. All the steel parts are powder-coated with anti-corrosive and scratch paint, preventing it from wearing in harsh environments.

Once assembled, the dimensions will be about 66'' long by 28'' wide by 51'' high. You will need a space with a perimeter of 5'5'' length by 2'4'' width to fit the treadmill; however, and extra 2'on each side of the treadmill and 3' of clearance behind the treadmill is recommended to ensure safety and a convenient workout.

The base framework and weight of the treadmill help establish effective stability during your workout. It weighs about 128 lbs/58 kg boosting the stability, preventing any wobbling or shaking.

Eco-Friendly Motor

The UMAY Treadmill is equipped with a 1.75 horsepower motor. This motor provides the right amount of power for an effective workout while remaining energy-efficient. Everyday use of the treadmill should not result in a costly electric bill. The high-temperature resistance feature of the motor will allow you to train for long periods of time without overheating or breaking down.

You wont have to worry about noise issues during early morning exercise while the family is sleeping. The operation of the motor is smooth and quiet. It's eco-friendly operation provides a speed range of 0.6-8.7 mph (1-14km/hr). you can adjust the speed with either the quick speed buttons or the gradual speed buttons.

Console Features

The UMAY Treadmill is also equipped with a built in consul that includes a 5'' back-lit LCD monitor, Gradual and Quick Speed buttons, incline buttons, a Program button, START/STOP buttons, a Mode button, an MP3 jack, built-in Speakers, a Cooling Fan, 2 Accessory Holders, and an Emergency stop key. The monitor will display your workout stats including speed, time, distance, calories burned, and pulse. It's also easy to read with a good display, even in poorly lit rooms.

The built-in consul also gives you access to 12 workout programs that include 11 preset programs to help you work toward different fitness goals and a custom program that you can use to create your own workout by assigning the speed and incline levels to your preferred settings.

There are 12 workout programs that include 11 preset programs designed to help you achieve different fitness goals and a custom program that allows you to assign a speed and incline levels as you see fit. On top of the 12 workout programs, this treadmill can also connect to your mobile phone and based on your height, weight, and heart rate record, the G-Fit fitness app will creates a custom and tailor-made fitness plan for you. You can set your own fitness plan and it will notify you when it is time to exercise.

Storage and Transport

Storing the UMAY Treadmill is easy because of the hydraulic lift and drop feature in the back of the deck. When you raise the back end, it will activate the hydraulic cylinder making it fold and stand vertically. Unfolding it is just as easy. By slightly kicking the hydraulic cylinder, you will allow the deck to slowly lower back to the ground unassisted.

Relocating the treadmill is yet another process that requires minimal effort. There are 2 transport wheels that will allow almost anyone to move it to and from storage with ease. The folded dimensions are 46'' long by 28'' wide by 51'' high.




The UMAY Bluetooth Motorized Treadmill is definitely a recommendable product because the features included in this treadmill are far superior to almost any other treadmill you can find in the same price range. It is not just a basic treadmill with a belt and some buttons. Accessories like the built-in speakers, MP3 jack, cooling fan, and item holders are included to give you the most comfortable and productive workout experience.


  • Sturdy construction

  • Supports 220 lbs./100 kg maximum user weight capacity

  • Wide textured side rails for a quick exit from the treadmill without turning operation off 

  • The 1.75 horsepower motor is powerful, energy-efficient and high temperature resistant 

  • Provides a speed range of 0.6-8.7 mph (1-14 km/h)   

  • The anti-slip tread belt/deck has multi-cushion layers that prevent slippage and reduces the impact on the knees, ankles and the back 

  • The LCD monitor is backlit and displays Time, Distance, Speed, Calories, and Pulse 

  • EKG HR contact sensors 

  • 12 workout programs available 

  • Automatic incline system with 0-15% adjustable levels 

  • Bluetooth function and G-Fit app connectivity for creating fitness and training plans

  • Built-in speakers and MP3 jack for entertainment 

  • Water bottle/accessory holders

  • A cooling fan  

  • Operation is quiet and smooth  

  • Low Maintenance  

  • Easy to assemble 

  • Transport wheels included


  • You cannot pause a workout then continue later

  • Does not support high intensity running

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